Thatboy Stringy

“What sets my skill-set apart is my ability to be diverse….Genuinely. When I switch from task to task it doesn’t feel false…”

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I studied audio engineering at City Varsity in Cape Town and graduated with an advanced Diploma in audio engineering. From there I’ve had various jobs in audio/broadcast industry both in Studio and on location although I’m in my element in studio.

My first job was at an artist management and publicity company. Next I interned at a studio in Johannesburg called Master Max where we were part of the crew for the television show Sky Room Live. Currently I’m working as an audio engineer at a Sound studio in Johannesburg called the Soundscapes. I compose record and mix audio here.

I guess I could say that My Brand is Pixel Wave Audio. The name I trade under when I do private work for the public. Under this name I do a number of audio related things. I compose music, record voice overs and every now and then, shoot video content. I’ve been fortunate to have written all the songs for Clinique’s radio ads over the past two years, I’ve composed for one of South Africa’s biggest production music libraries, I’ve done voice-over for a Chesa Nyama Ad as well as been part of the team shooting at Spring Fiesta over the past 3 years.

My target market is individuals who take audio work seriously and understand its importance in making a product/production work well and stand out. I do prefer clients who require studio related work though, as that is where I excel.

I think what sets my skill-set apart is my ability to be diverse….Genuinely. When I switch from task to task it doesn’t feel false thus the product is always genuine and in good taste. I understand my craft and it makes it that much easier to transfer clients’ concepts into tangible products. I’m inspired by creativity in others and my own desire to do better.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, making beats, chatting over a meal and playing console games. I believe in maintaining a balanced lifestyle in that working and or playing too hard manifests in negative results.

I like pretty women as I suppose all guys do. I do prefer that they have a certain level of intellect and drive towards a certain goal. Its important she’s hygienic and isn’t a slob. This should show in the way she presents herself and how she takes care of her environment.

Over the next three years I would like to be able to branch out into mainly freelance work and ultimately position myself in a space where I can choose what projects to take on and which to leave.

Challenges will probably be based around financial constraint. As my own provider of sustenance, I can’t rush the process as that could lead to a situation where I can’t support my own lifestyle as simple as it may be. Timing is key and getting into the right circles.

Getting to the right type of space is mostly putting in more of an effort that will propel me to my objectives faster….that…and gear. Lots of new gear 🙂

Contactable at:



My skills range from final mix, composition, sound design.


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