‘Pretty Richy’ Goistemodimo


“We don’t only sell knitted apparel, we make it, from a roll of yarn to a complete hand finished piece of art…”

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Metere deScotche is made up of three people: Nametsegang Richard Goitsemodimo aka Pretty Richy, he is the founder & master-knitsman. He is a 3rd generation jersey-maker and has been knitting since 2006, some say something special happens every time he knits.

Mantwa Goitsemodimo, a crotchet and jazz vocalist (look out for he EP coming out soon) is the enforcer in Metere deScotche, she makes sure the machine is well oiled.

Ignatius Pringle, the paper-pusher, is our youngest and latest addition to our team. As CEO, Ignatius main objective is to make and save money, earning him nickname: Mr Cashflow.

Mantwa & Pretty Richy are a married couple, Ignatius is Mantwa’s younger brother – we keeping it in the family.

Metere deScotche was founded in 2006 by Pretty Richy. We are now permanently based in Kagiso, about 30 minutes west of Jozi. Since our inception, we have been based in Klerksdorp, Tshwane, Jozi & Cape Town.

Metere deScotche brings ‘realness’ to the fashion industry, at a time when some creatives believe one must fake it to make it – Metere deScotche is a breath of fresh air. We make knitted apparel for summer and winter, for ladies and gents. Our knitted range includes skirts, tops, dresses, jerseys, beanies, t-shirts, ties, scarves, earring… Metere deScotche is couture at affordable reasonable prices, up to 95% of the units that we have made in the past 11 years don’t look the same, only in the case whereby shops order do we make sets of 6 that look alike

Our brand is aimed at buyers from 30 years to old age, a good number of people over 60 buy for their children & grandchildren. We make clothes for people in the township to suburbia, black, white & everybody in between.

We don’t only sell knitted apparel, we make it, from a roll of yarn to a complete hand finished piece of art. What makes a Metere deScotche special is not only our use of colour, but the way our apparel is made. Our catalogue has up to 500 unique patterns. We are not only different from our competitors, but we are decades ahead of them.

We are inspired by everyday.


Our 3 year goal is for Metere deScotche to be a team of 10 people, including the 3 of us. All team members must be able to knit and perform other functions like marketing, CEO, communications & so forth.

We are looked down upon since none of us studied fashion, but that does not put us down, we are the best at what at what we do.

To achieve our dreams we must keep on improving our skill, business & craft.

Metere deScotche will be having its 1st fashion show in 7 years on the 17th of June – more details will be posted on our social media pages.

We supply Wafwako, Observatory, Cape Town and Kw@ntu Village in Utrecht. We have a stall at the Maboneng Street Market every Sunday.


Our website is www.meteredescotche.net

Metere deScotche Fashion Film


Metere deScotche/meteredescotche on instagram, twitter, fb, tumblr, flickr, pinterest & snapchat.

Metere deScotche “our kun-fu is just better”



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