Just Thando


“I deliver top quality service whenever I play – I have live instrumentation in my music…”

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I’m Thando Kleinbooi from from Khayelitsha – DJ, record producer, video director, artist manager, production manager and stage manager.I’m about the lifestyle, everything that concerns music – I live through music, making a living whilst entertaining people and running the show.I studied Sound Engineering at City Varsity then went to SAE to study Music Business and Video Production. First entity I managed is a group called Deep Consoul and first artist I managed is DJ Mizz and still managing him today. We have done a lot work together – we have several hits in the bag: Count Your Blessings, Koza Kuze and Close To You (Nominated for Metro Awards). And we have more coming. That”s what I have done in brief as an artist manager.As JustThando, the DJ, I was a resident DJ at Grand Beach Cafe and Carpellos. I’ve played at News Cafe, Shimmys Beach Club, V&A Waterfront, The Ultra 2016 and Rocking The Daisies.As a stage manager, I managed stages for a number of live shows: Rocking The Daisies, for two years, The Ultra 2016 (biggest job so far), and Fact Cape Town Rocks Come Down Party, one of the biggest events in Cape Town.
On the production side of things, I did Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference 2015 and ran workshops with Bridges For Music around Cape Town. There’s a lot more I have done but that’s all I can remember now.I produce House and Hip Hop music aimed specifically at the ‘kids’ – an audience between ages 18 and 30. This includes everyone living the life of entertainment, everyone who goes out to gigs, students and working class. House and Hip Hop music listeners over 30 years of age can also vibe to my music.The difference between myself and other guys is that I do everything and I excel in all I do. As mentioned earlier, I’ve managed some of the biggest stages in South Africa. Im also an artist manager – how many DJs are artist managers out there? maybe a few in SA but not many in Cape Town, I could be the only one.

I deliver top quality service whenever I play – I have live instrumentation in my music – My music is a mix of acoustic and digital sounds.

I’m inspired by my surroundings: TV and ‘kush’ – the place where I grew up has influenced me to be the multifaceted music person I am today.

There’s a lot happening on my side regarding production – I plan to do gigs, fundraising and CSI events around Khayelitsha. You will hear more about this as soon as everything is official.

What I need most to succeed is MONEY – a kick, capital to start it all, to get everything I need. I need capital to do events, shoot proper videos and to buy professional time. Everyone needs money to be comfortable in this world and to have access to the right resources.

Lately, I’ve been focused production more than other aspects of my work. I’m soon to launch a new music group that I will manage – they are called: Le Music 100 – we are working on an E.P.



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